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Holiday with familie, friends or alone

Unfortunately our English website is still under construction.

But we hope that the information on this page will help you to get around on this website. Underneath you also find step-by-step info about how to book your bed or cabin. In case you have a question do not hesitate to contact us!

Sailing trips on Lake IJssel & Wadden Sea

  • Come on board of one of our traditional sailingships and get to know The Netherlands on a whole new level.

    Sail on the Lake IJssel or on the Wadden Sea. A sailingtrip is both adverturous and relaxing. During the trip everyone can help the crew (also kids are of great help) hoisting the sails. But don't worry there is also plenty of time to relax, read a book, bike on an island or take a swimm, you name it! 

    • You can easily book your own bed or cabin online.
    • Duration: weekend, short week or week
    • Is your group larger than 8 persons? It is also possible to book one of our ships entirely for your own group via
  • The route will depend on the duration of the trip, the weather and the wishes of the guest. Before departure the skipper will discuss this with the group.

    During the trip it is possible to make small trips ashore such as visiting traditional harbor villages, walking or biking on the Wadden Islands, visiting museums or laying dry. Ever wanted to walk on the bottom of the sea? Sometimes it is possible to stay at the Wadden Sea and to wait for the waterlevel to drop. The ship will lay dry and you can take a walk through the mud. 

    • Departures from the harbor in Enkhuizen or Harlingen.
    • Our crew is multi-lingual.
    • Mulinational group of guests.
    • Great outdoor vacation for kids (suitable for all ages).

How to book your bed or cabin

Browsed through all our sailing trips and found a nice one? Great! Here's how you can easily book a bed or cabin. Click on the page of your preferred trip on book now (nu boeken) on the left side and just follow the steps.

STEP 1a travel party

insert the amount of the

  • men (mannen), women (vrouwen), children younger than 12 years old (kinderen)*
  • *kids under the age of 12 receive 10% discount, this will be automatically processed in your booking

STEP 1b choose your bed or cabin

here you can choose the amount of

  • beds in a shared cabin (bed op gedeelde hut) and/or
  • the amount of privat cabins (hut privé) you would like to book.
    The numbers denote the amount of beds in the cabin. (example: 2-persoonshut privé is a privat cabin for 2 persons.)

STEP 2 extra options

here you can choose several extra options such as:

  • insurances: cancellation insurance (annuleringsverzekering), travelinsurance (reisverzekering), special sailing coverage (vaardekking)
  • extra overnight stay the evening before departure (voorovernachting) including breakfast
  • bike rental (fietsverhuur)

STEP 3a contact details

Insert your contact details

  • First name (voornaam), last name (achternaam)
  • Age (leeftijd)
  • Emergency nummer (Thuisblijvers nummer)
  • Are you booking for others and your're staying home? Check the box (Hoofdboeker gaat zelf niet mee)
  • Want to receive our newsletters? Check the very last box (Ja, schrijf mij in voor de nieuwsbrief)

STEP 3b details & diets

Insert the personal details of the people in your travel party.

  • Age (leeftijd)
  • Geslacht (gender): male (man), female (vrouw)
  • Physical constraints (fysieke beperkingen)
  • Diet (medische dieetwensen)
    Let us know in case you have specific diet? The cook will make an effort to make sure that the meals are according to your diet. 

STEP 4 payment

  • check the box in order to agree to the terms
  • choose one the payment methods.
    Do you want to manually wire transfer the money? Choose the last option (betaling per overschrijving via uw eigen bank)
  • click on the paymentbutton (afrekenen)
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Zeilreizen op het IJsselmeer en de Waddenzee

Sailing2gether biedt verschillende meezeilreizen aan. Ongeacht of je een vakantie met je gezin of vrienden zoekt, alleen of een alleenstaande ouder (met kinderen) bent sluit gezellig aan bij een groepsreis op het water en boek eenvoudig een bed of hut.

Zeil met ons mee!

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  • Departure guaranteed
  • No sailingexperience needed
  • No reservation fees
  • Food & crew
  • Secure payment (in installments*)